Our Objects

Our charitable objects are to support children with physical and/or cognitive disabilities, whether caused by brain injury like cerebral palsy; a genetic disorder like Down syndromeautism, or general developmental delay, by the provision and promotion of therapy. Brainwave works with families to deliver home-based Therapy Programmes tailored to each child to help them to achieve their fullest potential. That potential could be anything from a child walking or feeding themselves, to counting or forming sentences. We employ a range of experienced specialist staff, including PhysiotherapistsOccupational TherapistsSpeech and Language Therapists and Learning Development Specialists, enabling us to take a holistic approach to seeking what is possible for each individual child.

We summarise this as:

  • helping children with disabilities and additional needs to achieve greater independence, and
  • aiming to improve mobility, communication skills, and learning potential, through a range of specialist therapies.

Our Mission

We will deliver therapy of the highest quality to an increasing number of children each year and make it as easy as possible for children to benefit from the therapy through qualified and motivated staff at our Brainwave Centres, at our satellite clinicsBrainwave Online, and through our Family Facilitators.

Our Vision

Our Vision is that all children in the UK with the above conditions should have the opportunity to reach their potential and benefit from appropriate therapy to help them, and that Brainwave should be recognised as leading in this field.

Our Aims

We are committed to:

  • Best practice – maintaining research and professional development for staff, including benchmarking against other providers to provide appropriate therapy of the highest quality.
  • Therapy delivery – continuing to increase the number of children helped each year, and to respond proactively to the changing needs of families.
  • Access – opening Centres and clinics at appropriate intervals and locations to make therapy available more locally to families throughout the UK.
  • Sustainability – establishing streams of fundraising to enable therapy provision to be provided in a stable business environment. Managing the business in a cost-effective manner, so as to increase year on year the proportion of fundraising income that is applied to our charitable objectives.

Our Values

In all aspects of our work and activities, with everyone associated with the Charity, we strive to be: professional, open, friendly, enabling, respectful, and passionate.

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