We want to continue delivering our essential therapies to families, when they are unable to visit our Brainwave Centres. Therefore, we have adapted our unique, multidisciplinary service to create ‘Brainwave Online’, which will sit alongside our other services. 

What is Brainwave Online?

Brainwave Online is an online therapy service, delivered by our qualified therapists, through a secure NHS approved video link platform called medio.link.

We have chosen this platform to ensure the best possible privacy and security to safeguard your child and family, and to ensure we are complying with best practice.

We launched the service in June 2020 and families have provided feedback that their sessions are the same high standard they have come to expect from Brainwave. They also noted that being at home, in their own environment was helpful for children. Families have also provided feedback that the new service has saved on travel time/costs and the need to make arrangements for siblings too. 

What sessions are available?

Currently, we are offering a full one-day reassessment with speech and language and/or physiotherapy. 

How does it work?

Once you have registered your interest in the service, one of our qualified therapists will get in touch with you to discuss your child’s needs. 

Then, when both you and the therapist are happy to continue, a session will be booked in and you’ll be asked to complete our online booking form which includes a consent form. You will be asked to pay a deposit at this stage. The full balance will be required before the session.

The therapist/s will spend some time looking at your child’s Therapy Programme ahead of the session, you may be asked to provide some recordings of your child so that the therapist can assess their current progress. 

Ahead of the session, one of our therapists will conduct a setup call with you to ensure the connection and device is sufficient. This is to ensure there are no technical hitches on the day of the session. 

On the day, for a full day reassessment, the therapist/s will:

  • Chat to you briefly about your child’s history and current progress.
  • Assess the current Therapy Programme of exercises and activities.
  • Adapt the Therapy Programme and demonstrate new exercises and activities.
  • Observe you demonstrating the activities and exercises and help with any pointers or tips.
  • Following the session, they will pull together a pack of resources including video demonstrations, and also arrange for any loaned equipment to be delivered. 

There will be breaks throughout the day and the therapists can fit the structure of the session around you and your child. 

How much will it cost?

As our families know, Brainwave subsidises the majority of the costs for reassessments. For ‘Brainwave Online’, we are asking families to contribute £300 for a full reassessment. A deposit will be required, at the time of booking, for all sessions.

You can register your interest for ‘Brainwave Online’ by completing our online form. No payment is required at this stage. 

Register your interest

After registering, one of our therapists will contact you to talk you through the Brainwave Online service and answer any questions you may have.

If you have any questions about Brainwave Online, please do not hesitate to email us, reach out to your Family Facilitator online, or over the phone.