What is an Acquired Brain Injury?

An acquired brain injury is the result of an accident or illness that has occured after birth.  The acquired part means that the child was not born with their injury.  

The brain carries on developing until we are in our twenties.  If part of the brain is injured during the earlier stages of development, a child may not pick up some of the skills they otherwise would have.  

Each child is unique in how they respond to brain injury.  These might range from only minor difficulties to serious long term physical and learning disabilities.

The Different Types of Acquired Brain Injury

  • Traumatic brain injury – the result of things happening outside the body, such as a blow to the head.
  • Non-traumatic brain injury – the result of things happening inside the body, such as a stroke or a lack of oxygen to the brain.

How Can Brainwave Help?

At Brainwave we see children with both types of acquired brain injury. As the therapists at our Centres see children from all over the country, and overseas, they have the knowledge and experience to help you and your child.

  • Our qualified therapists have the time to explain your child’s condition and their presenting problems.
  • We have the time to fully assess your child through play and work around your daily routine.
  • Your child’s assessment and Therapy Programme shall be tailored to their individual needs and your daily routine as a family.
  • We are your advocate and are always here for support and ongoing care.
  • We provide in-depth therapy reports that can be sent to your NHS or private medical professionals, as we believe that working together maximises your child’s outcomes and quality of care.

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