What are Chromosome Disorders?

A chromosome disorder is any syndrome characterised by malformations in any of the body systems and caused by an abnormal chromosome member or constitution.  

Normally we have 46 chromosomes arranged in 23 pairs. Twenty-two of the pairs are autosomes and one pair, number 23, is the sex chromosome. Any variation from this pattern causes abnormalities.

Some Different Types of Chromosome Disorders

  • Down syndrome
  • Cri du Chat syndrome
  • Trisomy 13
  • Trisomy 18
  • Turner’s syndrome
  • Prader-Willi syndrome
  • Fragile X syndrome

How Can Brainwave Help?

At Brainwave we see children with several types of chromosome disorders. As the therapists at our Centres see children from all over the country, and overseas, they have the knowledge and experience to help you and your child.

  • Our qualified therapists have the time to explain your child’s condition and their presenting problems.
  • We have the time to fully assess your child through play and work around your daily routine.
  • Your child’s assessment and Therapy Programme shall be tailored to their individual needs and your daily routine as a family.
  • We are your advocate and are always here for support and ongoing care.
  • We provide in-depth therapy reports that can be sent to your NHS or private medical professionals, as we believe that working together maximises your child’s outcomes and quality of care.

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