Role of the Physiotherapist at Brainwave

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At Brainwave our Physiotherapists work with a very wide spectrum of children with both physical and sensory-related problems. The Physiotherapist that works one to one with your child will get to know them through play before commencing any formal assessment. We believe in developing a trusting relationship between the child, parent and therapist in order to maximise the therapeutic outcome is the best approach. Over the two-day assessment period, a full in-depth assessment will be completed and from this, the Programme of exercises will be developed.

The Therapy Programme may include:

  • Specific advice for positioning the child at home
  • Strengthening exercises
  • Transitions – to assist the child to move from one position to another
  • Stretches – to help maintain muscle length
  • Balance and coordination exercises

Our aims as Physiotherapists at Brainwave are to:

  • Teach parents how to facilitate their child’s movement
  • Help maximise each child’s independent movement and function
  • Take a positive approach to build children’s self-confidence
  • Teach parents how to reduce the risk of contractures and deformities in their child’s muscles and joints
  • Advise parents on the use of equipment such as standing frames, splints, walking frames etc.

We ensure that all of our Physiotherapists are adaptable and they will work around your routine whether it’s feeding times, sleep times or just your daily routine to help make you and your child feel at ease. We have lots of time to teach the Therapy Programme to you so that you leave feeling confident about how to help your child.

Our Physiotherapists are very experienced and holistic in the way they approach assessments and treatments, therefore you can rest assured that although your child’s assessment will be to the highest standard, it will also be enjoyable and in a non-clinical environment. 


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The Physiotherapists at Brainwave South West also work with children in the hydrotherapy pool. We can develop a Programme of exercises to help children to relax in the water, improve their confidence, float with aids and where appropriate work towards independent swimming.

To speak with a Specialist Paediatric Physiotherapist about your child or a specific problem please do not hesitate to contact us at your nearest Centre.

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