As part of Brainwave’s whole family approach, we are pleased to announce partnerships with the legal sector. The partnerships, with Irwin Mitchell and Enable Law, are aimed at providing additional support and guidance to families throughout their journey with Brainwave.

Our first partnership will help families who are seeking advice and professional services from the legal sector around their child’s disability.

Irwin Mitchell has been a long-term supporter of Brainwave for many years; sponsoring events, allowing staff to volunteer, and taking part in the many events we run every year to raise vital funds.

As part of our new partnership, Irwin Mitchell will feature in our Legal Support advisory leaflet for families, provide information for families and therapists, and support the charity through sponsorship, pro-bono and staff fundraising.

We thank Irwin Mitchell for their ongoing support and look forward to working with them to provide professional support for Brainwave families.

When our daughter was born we were thrilled to welcome her into our family and for our older child to have a little sister. Our daughter was starved of oxygen which resulted in her being left with brain damage and cerebral palsy in all four limbs.

When we realised she was not hitting the development milestones, we spoke to Auriana Griffiths, a solicitor from Irwin Mitchell. From the outset, we felt she was compassionate, knowledgeable, and supportive. We immediately felt that we were in the right hands and at our first meeting Auriana mentioned Brainwave – a charity she thought could help.

Our daughter has now made great progress and a huge part is down to Brainwave. She’s likely to have learning disabilities and will need full-time care but she’s making progress and she can now crawl unaided, take a few steps with her walker and feed herself. 

Irwin Mitchell and Brainwave provided us with hope in what felt like a bleak future. We are fortunate to have both of them in our daughter’s life.

Anonymous Family

It’s been a pleasure to support this family to get the answers they longed for following the traumatic birth of their daughter. I’m proud to see how far they have come and how Brainwave has been there for them every step of the way.

Auriana Griffiths, Irwin Mitchell Negligence Expert

If your company is interested in talking to us about a partnership that provides families with greater support, please contact: