What is a Childhood Stroke?

A stroke can happen to anyone including children. The risk of a child suffering from a stroke is greatest in their first year of life, and during the very early stages after birth they are most vulnerable. Child stroke remains amongst the top 10 causes of death in all children.

According to the “National Stroke Association”, a stroke occurs in approximately 1 in 4,000 live births. The risk of stroke from birth through to the age of 18 is almost 11 in 100,000 and it is more prevalent in children under the age of two.

The risk factors that predispose adults to strokes such as high blood pressure, thickening of the artery walls and irregular heartbeat commonly related to poor lifestyle. The common risks for children are completely different.

These consist of:

  • Congenital heart defect
  • Immune system disorders
  • Long term blood diseases
  • Abnormal problems with blood clotting
  • Trauma to the child’s head and neck during or after birth
  • Infection during pregnancy to the fluid that surrounds the baby
  • Maternal high blood pressure during pregnancy

How Can Brainwave Help?

The majority of children that suffer from a stroke, or a similar neurological problem, will require long-term rehabilitation. At Brainwave we see children with a wide range of neurological problems, from the more mild presentation to the more complex. As the therapists at our Centres see children from all over the country, and overseas, they have the knowledge and experience to help you and your child.

  • Our qualified therapists have the time to explain your child’s condition and their presenting problems.
  • We have the time to fully assess your child through play and work around your daily routine.
  • Your child’s assessment and Therapy Programme shall be tailored to their individual needs and your daily routine as a family.
  • We are your advocate and are always here for support and ongoing care.
  • We provide in-depth therapy reports that can be sent to your NHS or private medical professionals, as we believe that working together maximises your child’s outcomes and quality of care.

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